ICON Toy Freak Panel

I was invited to do a panel at ICON today and I can say it was very fun to see people interested in Figures and Gundams.  Even though I only had 4 people show up listening to my panel they all loved it and I really was able to talk one on one with them answering all the questions that they needed.  All 4 people weren’t figure collectors and Gundam builders so I was introducing them to something completely new.  By the end of it I was able to get 2 people interested in building Gundams that’s 50%!  Very happy about that.  I hope to do better panels in the future with a little bit more people showing up.  Thank you for those that did show up and listened through my whole panel ^^  If you want to download the Powerpoint you can below as I wasn’t provided a projector at the convention.

Toy Freaks Power Point

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  • Paul
    July 2, 2014

    I was one of the four at your ICON panel and it was way cool.

    I really enjoyed your talk and what you had to offer and I learned something new.

    Gundams are new to me but way cool, I just think I have the patience to-do 

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